Heyer 12

photo of Heyer 12 by Vic Johanson

Top photo is in our orchard - Aug. 18, 2019

Bottom photo by Vic Johanson

(a Russian apple seedling, probably from Blushed Calville )

This cultivar originated from seeds obtained from A. P. Stevenson Morden, Manitoba, was grown and selected by Adolph Heyer, Neville, Saskatchewan, and introduced commercially in 1950. The tree is moderately vigorous, open spreading with wide-angled, strong branching habit. It is very hardy to zone 1, annually productive and very resistant to fire blight.

The fruit is medium size, 5-6 cm (2-2½ ") in diameter, near round in shape and matures in early season, about mid August. The skin is very thin, completely greenish-yellow to straw colored at maturity. The flesh is near white, medium coarse, bland and acid. It is poor for fresh eating and only fair to good for cooking since it oxidizes (discolors) rapidly, but deemed by most as good for pies and sauce. It only stores from 1-2 weeks. Note: Fruit should be picked before full maturity for storage or culinary uses. These sweeten considerably when over-ripe and water core easily.