Here's a picture of Y6211, I didn't write anything down, so don't have much to say about this variety. This was recommended to me as a good hardy variety. Our tree finally made it into the ground after 3 years in a pot on the ground, so it seems to be pretty resilient to mistreatment, and made it through one tough winter with no dieback. Set one apple at 4 years, so I am hopeful for next year. Tree has a leggy habit, fast growing and the top snapped off our tree due to heavy snow in September while leaves were still on the tree, which set fruiting back a bit. Set a couple apples in 2016 that were then damaged by hail, and a visitor picked them before they were ripe, so no, still no ripe fruit, and no additional comments on the fruit, other than they were about 2.5" in diameter and may be mid-September ripening. This fruit growing thing has its pitfalls!! Additional snow damage winter 2017. Fruit ripened mid September in 2017, set a reasonable amount of fruit. Tree heavily snow damaged and stressed following damage.