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Safari Montage

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Digital Media in the Classroom is not a new idea...

Best Practice for Digital Media in the Classroom

Tom Wujec on 3 ways the brain creates meaning
Information designer Tom Wujec talks through three areas of the brain that help us understand words, images, feelings, connections. In this short talk from TEDU, he asks: How can we best engage our brains to help us better understand big ideas?

Best Practices for Digital Media Summary Document

Safari Montage Overview Video

Our Safari Montage Server

  • Linked at the <Applications> button on the WSD Intranet page
  • Select your school and use you WSD log-in creditals, students have accounts as well

Safari Montage Quick Tour

  • Safari Montage Tutorial - chapter tutorials on the Safari Montage application
  • Video time edit feature.
  • Virtually no buffering, instantly fwd and rewind
  • Safari and Promethean
    • Promethean Planet integration with Safari Montage
    • Teachers Guides and quizzes that integrate with Activotes
  • Play Lists and ActivInspire
    • School, District, digital lesson plan/activity, culmination of variety of digital
    • Share drives are expensive
  • Safari's searching capabilities
  • Would you like to review how to use Safari Montage and the ActivBoard, then watch these series of videos by Safari Montage's Alex Lagares, as he discusses the Promethean SAFARI Montage relationship at FETC 2010

Safari Montage HD Network
- Community space for users of Safari Montage, similar to Promethean Planet.