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Resources to Help Schools Understand Social Media

Social media in education: A primer

Infographic: Pros and cons of using social media in higher education

Which Age Groups Use Social Media - Bloomberg Business Week has an interesting info-graphic depicting the types of online activities done by members of seven different age groups. There are six user actions labeled in the info-graphic; creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators, and inactives. Age groups represented are Young Teens, Youth, Gen Y, Gen X, Young Boomers, Older Boomers, and Seniors. The data in the chart came from Forrester Research

Social Media in Education: The Power of Facebook 

Tools for the Social Classroom (ages 5-18)

Gooru - Gooru started as a 20% time project while still at Google. 


Open Study is a message board for students in search of help answering difficult questions. Students could use it just for that purpose, but Open Study provides more than that. Open Study offers students the option to create or join online study groups, subscribe to other students' updates, and provides students with a place to record their notes online.

Open Study

Schoology - your digital classroom, combining a learning management system with Social Networking site.

  • HootCourse - take your class conversation online, HootCourses are held online, using Twitter and Facebook as a virtual classroom space.

Twiducate - Social Networking for schools

Keystone Commons - Keystone Commons is the networking platform for PAIUnet members to communicate, create, and collaborate. PAIUnet is a statewide, high-speed educational network that enables educators and students throughout Pennsylvania to access and share valuable resources for enhancing student learning. PAIUnet helps to transform the way educational services and information are delivered by connecting all 29 Intermediate Units (IUs) and their member school districts throughout the Commonwealth. For more information visit

Scuttle Pad - a safe, supervised, place in which children can communicate with each other.

Edmodo - free private social platform for Education - Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends. The next twitter?
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