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  1. 1 WallWisher

Interesting Ways to ... - a series of quality classroom ideas, created by crowd-sourcing, centered around many technology tools.

Perk up your Projects wiki - Tired of assigning the same old boring PowerPoint presentations again and again? Want to challenge your students a bit more than the traditional tri-fold or poster project?

Interactive websites - a collection of numerous websites in content categories.

Lesson Planet - Search 350,000+ Teacher Reviewed Online Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Teacher Training Videos - many interactive web sites with screen-cast to show you how to use the tools.

Gooru - Gooru started as a 20% time project while still at Google. Gooru empowers teachers to use rich, curriculum appropriate web content and promote 21st century learning themes in their classrooms.

  • Google Earth: Learn - Complete tasks to advance from one level to the next.
  • Using Google Earth in the classroom
  • Google Earth Across the Curriculum
  • Google Lit Trips - This site is an experiment in teaching great literature in a very different way. Using Google Earth, students discover where in the world the greatest road trip stories of all time took place.
    • Google Lit Trips 2010 - Welcome to the 2010-2011 Google Lit Trip training session.  This workspace was designed to serve as a portal of collaboration to best facilitate lesson building that engages the 21st Century learner. 
  • Google History Tours - History Tours is a collaborative website that gives teachers access to pre-made Google Earth tours on various topics in American and World history. These tours provide an excellent backdrop for visual learning. They allow students to view people and places of historical importance while the teacher presents essential background knowledge.

Voki - Create you own speaking avatar, have your kids create avatars using their own words.

AudioPal - embed audio into any website

Vozme - from text to speech

Wallwisher (A loud beginning)

Popplet - wallwisher on steriods

Corkboard provides an easy to use platform for students to brainstorm, collaborate, and share ideas. Students can use Corkboard to brainstorm ideas for writing, research, and collaborating on group projects.

Scrumblr - online space to create and share sticky notes with a group.

Interactive Whiteboards Diigo Group

PBS's Interactive Whiteboard Games - Language arts, Math, Arts, Social Science

Read, Write, Think - produced by the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association, as part of Verizon Thinkfinity. Lessons, inter-activities, and more, right at your fingertips.

Interactives from Annenburg Media, provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas.

e-Learining for Kids - math, language arts, computer skills, life skills, health, environment.

HelpKidzLearn - a collection of free software for young children and those with learning difficulties to play online.

BBC Interactive Learning 

Thinkfinity - from Verizon and many "big players" in the educational arena, free lesson plans and educational resources
IWB Teachers - A place to share engaging, interactive websites for teachers and students.

Triptico - interactives



Make Five - The chart shows 100 problems. You can choose for additions, or subtractions, or for multiplications. The target number is on top of the chart. Press on the field that matches the target number. With a correct choice, the field will change color. Try to get five colored fields in a row. It is a game for one or two players.

Teacher Toolbox - math, reading, stories for the interactive whiteboard.

Interactive Websites - math, language arts, reading, science, social science

e.ggtimer - use it like an egg timer or a count down timer.

Math Specific Sites

Science Specific Sites
English Specific Sites