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Chrome Browser

Download Google's Chrome web browser.

Fun - Build Legos with Chrome - - must be in Google's Chrome web browser.


Learn how to leverage to Google Chrome web browser to work more efficiently on the web across all devices.

Learn how to utilize web applications and extensions from the Chrome Web Store to create and work on the web.

Web Browsers

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Web browsers are among the most frequently used software on any personal computer or device, yet they are frequently misunderstood.
Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari, Opera, and many, many more...

A simple <html> page

Omnibox / Tabs

Get auto-complete suggestions for the sites that you visit most.

Keyboard Shortcut / Tips (PC or  Mac) - works on most web browsers
Make a link open in a new window - <ctrl> left-click
New Tab - <ctrl-T> 
New Window, for multitasking - <ctrl-N>
Tab Tips
Moving  between tabs (Ctrl-# or with a Chromebook swipe with 3 fingers)
Reload (<F5> PC  or <command><r> for Mac)
Re-opens your last closed tab(s) - <ctrl-shift-T>
Separating tabs and putting them back together


Surf the web with familiar settings, like your homepage.

Super Sync Sports - Use your mobile phone to control your computer's web browser.


Bookmark your favorite pages, an quickly go to your favorite sites, no matter where you are.

Tip: Do you have a bunch of tabs open for some research/project, then save all open tabs into a folder in one click - Right Click any tab to "Bookmark All Tabs..."
Right Click Tab to Bookmark all...

You can quickly bookmark all your open tabs with shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D. #chrometip


Color your Chrome and bring it with you.



Manage multiple users on Chrome
Supervised users - A supervised user is a special type of Chrome user who can browse the web with guidance. Great for parents.

Apps & Extensions


Web Apps are online programs that run right inside your browser, rather than needing to be installed to your hard drive like traditional programs. With web apps you can run your programs from any computer and from any place that you have Internet access. Many web apps also have off-line abilities for those times you do not have connectivity. Add an app on one computer, and access it on all your computers.
Before you add apps and extensions to your Chrome Browser ensure you know where to disable them and remove them.
How to find them, install them, use them and remove them.


10 URLs That Every Google User Should Know

Additional Resources