What's the Skype?

Skype - Talk, chat, video call for free to anyone in the world... as long as they have Skype.

Using Skype in the Classroom
Skype an Author Network - Wouldn't it be great to invite authors into your classroom or library to video chat with students before, during, and/or after you've read their books? Here is a growing a list of authors who want to make that connection with you. See the alphabetical list in the scrolling author box on the left. Read on to find out just how easy it is!

Skype in Schools Live binder - Resources and Ideas for Using Skype in the Classroom to Build Global Connections

Skype in the classroom - To help teachers around the world connect their classrooms, Skype is developing Skype in the Classroom. Skype in the Classroom, launching in December 2010, and will be a free directory of classrooms that are on Skype and are looking to connect with other classrooms.

Skype for Educators - View the current list of experts willing to Skype into your class/school.

10 Ways to use Skype in Online Classes

Using Skype at School - Skype empowers students and teachers even further by adding features for collaboration, live video, and instant file sharing.

Skype other classrooms - This page has been set up to help you make connections with classes in other countries who are interesting in having Skype conversations with other classes.

Skype Tools

Vodburner is a free service for recording and editing Skype calls. Vodburner allows you to record any Skype call regardless of duration. When you're finished recording you can edit the call by removing segments and adding transitions. Vodburner recordings can be directly uploaded to YouTube. (Vodburner is a Windows application).

Parental Skype recorder - Worried about what your child is getting up to on Skype? Then Parental Skype Recorder v1.0 is perfect for you. Parental Skype Recorder enables you to secretly record Skype conversations. It runs automatically each time you start Windows and it is completely invisible and silent. Parental Skype Recorder has no give-away taskbar or tray icons. To take control of the recorder, simply use a secret hotkey combination. The default is Ctrl+Alt+S and you can add a password too.

Other options to Skype
Oovoo - Free video conferencing service, 6 video conversations at a time. Also offers the ability to leave video messages.

Ekiga - an open source VoIP and video conferencing application.

Vocaroo - Record and send voicemails.

UHaveAudio - Your voice is your story. UhaveAudio let’s you personalize online content from moment to moment. And it’s as easy as leaving a voice mail. Listen for yourself.