Copyright & Fair Use

YouTube: Copyright School - Complete tasks to advance from one level to the next.

Copyright School - watch this video on copyright and answer the following four questions.

Copyright Basics - from the US Copyright Office

Copyright Exposed: Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers Chart

Exceptions for Instructors in the US Copyright Law - Under certain conditions,U.S. Copyright Law provides for the educational use of copyrighted material  without the permission of the copyright holder. To find out if your intended use meets the requirements set out in the law, use this free, online tool. Please read the disclaimer.

Fair Use Evaluator - a tool to help you better understand how to determine the "fairness" of a use under the U.S. Copyright Code.
Temple's Media Education Lab - Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy
Copyright & Fair Use in Teaching Resources - American University

Copyright Alliance Education Foundation - The issues surrounding copyright have never been more visible. But the classroom presents its own copyright-related challenges, for students and teachers alike. How is an educator to know what the rules are? How do those rules apply in the classroom? And how can we make sure that students know the rules as well?

Fair use & plagarism - power points for students and teachers.