Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Examples of Digital Storytelling

Storytelling 101

Ira Glass on the Art of Story Telling - No one tells a better story than This American Life, the award-winning radio program coming out of Chicago. And no one is better positioned to explain the art of great story telling than the show’s host, Ira Glass. Above, Glass gives you his thoughts. And this clip comes in 4 acts. For more, get Act 2, 3, and 4.

Stories as Understanding - A slideshow of quotes reminding us of storytelling as an active process that moves our thinking from data bits to deep understanding. Sharing our experiences and understandings takes more than words - every picture also tells a story. Dancing together words, voiceovers, images, sounds, music, and special effects illuminates our thoughts and create insights for others as well as ourselves. 

DigiTales - a great website dedicated to the art of digital storytelling.