Extension Activities

Social Awareness | Grades 9-12

Learning Goal 3: Demonstrates awareness of how individuals and groups cooperate toward achieving common goals and ideals.

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Benchmark 1: Work collaboratively with peers to analyze and address a shared social cause.

Take it further — integrate!

Students complete a service project. Students complete a follow-up article, where they discuss the project’s impact and evaluate what they would do the same or differently the next time.

Benchmark 2: Analyze the impact of their involvement in an activity to improve their school or community.

Take it further — integrate!

Involve students in creating a youth vote lesson and have them identify a religious/ cultural/civic group that addresses common good.

Benchmark 3: Compare and contrast the role of government versus social movements and versus social institutions, such as religious, cultural and civic groups, in defining and addressing the common good.

Take it further — integrate!

Create inter-generational leadership projects that engage youth in learning and working with educators to improve the climate of the school.