Educator Resources

Adult SEL

Developing your self-care habits + helping your teams collaborate effectively.

A Slice of SEL Podcast

Our own podcast, created to support local educators with self-care and all things SEL.

Be Good People Curriculum

Our locally developed K-12 SEL curriculum.

Behavior Basics

How to break down behavior and understand why it's getting "better" or "worse."

Correction & Discipline

Helping students keep their mistakes small, learn from them, and make things right.


Using data across the school building to help us make effective decisions.


Helping all students feel welcome and appreciated for what makes them unique.


Generating intrinsic motivation by fostering belonging, investment, and autonomy.

External SEL Curriculums

SEL curriculums published outside our districts, many of which are free.

Integrated SEL Instruction

Recognizing and refining how we're weaving SEL into academic instruction.

Mental Health Support

Self-harm and suicide prevention + facilitating students’ access to mental health providers.


Promoting student voice + working with families and the community to support SEL.

Rules & Reinforcement

Clearly communicating behavior expectations and acknowledging when students meet them.

Tier 2 Interventions

How to run "plug and play" interventions, match students with the right one, and know how well it's working.

Tier 3 & SpEd Interventions

How to adjust and intensify the "intervention recipe" when our standard approaches aren't enough.

The Big Picture

A classroom lens: What does SEL look like from the perspective of a classroom teacher?

A school-wide lens: What does SEL look like from the perspective of a leadership team?

A daily reminder that across every school day we have hundreds of opportunities to boost SEL skills.

Familiarize your school with the overarching K-12 SEL learning goals in the state of Minnesota.

There is tremendous overlap between the 5 SEL competencies and the 16 habits of mind. Learn more.

CASEL are the leaders in SEL, and they have school and district resource centers that are full of tools.

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