Extension Activities

Responsible Decision Making | Grades 9-12

Learning Goal 1: Considers ethical standards, social and community norms and safety concerns in making decisions.

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Benchmark 1: Demonstrate ability to consider personal responsibility, social norms, safety concerns, and ethical standards in making decisions.

Take it further — integrate!

  • As part of vocabulary in ELA, or in social studies, discuss (and/or possibly do reports or respond to journal prompts about) the meaning of “personal responsibility,” “ethics” and “norms.”

  • Assign reports that ask students to learn about a figure in history who showed personal responsibility and ethics. Ask how their sense of responsibility and ethics affected their decisions.

  • Ask students to write essays, in language arts or social studies, about how they behave responsibly and ethically.

  • When developing shared classroom rules in any class, discuss personal responsibility, ethics and norms, and how they shape our behavior toward one another.

Benchmark 2: Assess lessons learned from past experiences and mistakes when making decisions.

Take it further — integrate!

Ask students to create a visual map of a decision they made, describe the outcome, and identify potential areas for improvement.