Time Capsules

Our assignment was to create four drawings. The first one being a self-portrait, the second an interesting object, the third a corner of a room, and the last hands holding something. For my self-portrait I obviously drew myself. For my interesting objects, I drew a pair of earbuds. For the corner of a room I drew a section in my house by my stair case. And lastly I drew my hands holding one of my necklaces.

The first drawing I started with was my self-portrait. I started out with just the basic shapes of my face, the slowly started to add more and more detail. Once I was happy I moved on to the hands holding something. I spent about 20 minutes just trying to figure out the best way to hold the necklace. Eventually I settled with one and began to draw the hand. I then moved onto the interesting object. I first just drew the headphones because I thought they had interesting negative space. I finished them and thought that they were just too plain, so I added the music notes. After that I started the corner of the room. I did this corner because I thought that it had the most interesting composition. I then created my self portrait.