Our assignment was to take a pair of shoes that have some sort of meaning to you and draw them in their best composition. Then we were supposed to pick and draw a back drop that's your happy place.

The first thing I did was draw out my pair of shoes. I then started with the street sign in the back ground that states hull. Once that was drawn out I decided to draw the surf board in the bottom left corner. Then I drew out the windmill. After I finished, I thought that it needed a little more emphasis. I then drew waves to balance out the negative space. After I was happy with my drawing I decided to use paint pens to color in the objects.

The reason I picked a cleat for my shoe, is because I love to play lacrosse. My back drop is set at my beach house in Hull Massachusetts. I have gone there every single summer since I was born , and it means a tremendous amount to me. That is why I chose to put the street sign labeled Hull. Also I chose to put the windmill because it's one of Hull's landmarks. The reason that I drew a surfboard is because Hull is where I first learned how to surf.