Final Portfolio

lollipop, 2017 fall

mushroom land, 2017 fall

sharp, 2017 fall

wild, 2017 fall

buffalo, 2017 fall

hippo, 2017 fall

leaf, 2017 fall

extended leaf, 2017 fall

messy, 2017 winter

fruit punch, 2017 winter

ideas, 2017 winter

city of squid, 2017 winter

supergirl, 2017 winter

scout, 2017 winter

freckles, 2017 winter

rooted together, 2018 winter

donate life, 2018 winter

and the three dogs, 2018 winter

heaven, 2018 winter

ides of march, 2018 winter

devil dog, 2018 winter

envy, 2018 spring

name tag, 2018 spring

preserve, 2018 spring

This year during Advanced Studio Art, I was able to explore my strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed being able to create my own projects because it offered the chance to try new things. I had never created a collage before this year and found that I enjoyed the way the process works, and how my final product came out. However I didn’t stick with this, in order to fit my concentration I used mainly paint and fine point pens. Although I enjoyed creating my own projects, at times it felt as though I had too much freedom and not enough inspiration. Many times I felt like I spent too much time thinking of what to create, rather than actually create something.

I feel as though my range of materials and perspective has changed and improved throughout this school year. As the beginning of this year I used very basic materials such as pen and watercolor on plain white paper. As second semester approached I decided to branch from drawing and take on painting with acrylic. I enjoyed this thoroughly and continued with it throughout my concentration. Within my concentration I started with just a dog looking straight ahead. Eventually I ended up painting on a frisbee, which is my favorite project, and changing my perspective to fit the theme of my concentration.

Art has always been a big part of my life. This year allowed me to combine my love for dogs with my passion for painting, and has been very rewarding. After losing my dog last year, I found peace in painting my labrador. It allowed me to honor his memory and made moving on an easier task. I may be done with painting dogs for a while, however will continue next year with a new concentration.