Environmental Project

For this project we had to create something that promotes saving the environment. Our original plan was to go around taking images of places in Maine and then take those images and transform them into the word preserve. Instead however, Jessie and I created these murals instead. we then printed them on to postcards that say "preserve"

We started by looking at images of Maine and then sketched out our composition. We then used canvas and acrylic to paint a base color of orange for the sky. After we finished our base, we created the mountains and the lake. We then went in and added blue to the sky along with finishing the ground and the reflection in the water. We then started our second one which is of a coastline of Maine. We started with a base color of orange and then painted the sky, ocean. We then painted the rocks and the trees once that was dry.

After the murals were finished we put both images onto a google doc and chose a font for the word Preserve. We then used glossy paper to print the postcards out.