Abstract Shoe Drawing

My piece started with a drawing of three views of a shoe. Which we then took on to zoom and crop the most interesting part of the shoe drawing. We then had a choice to pick the one you felt was best to make an abstract piece out of it. We had to out line the major lines in sharpie, but the rest was up to us.

I then began to draw in designs in each section with pencil. The first section I did was the one on the bottom with the triangles. Then I made my way up the piece until it was completely planned out how I wanted it. The next thing I did was go in with colored pencil starting at the top and working my way to the bottom.

I chose these certain patterns because while drawing this, I was going through something that really got me confused. This really shows through the colors and topsy turvy designs. In the top right corner the design that is black and white checkered print that comes into a point was inspired by Alice in wonderland. ( I may or may not have been watching it at the time.) My whole piece was mainly psychedelic themed.