For my concentration I am focusing on creating based off the Avett Brothers' album "I and Love and You" To visually tie this together I am including windows in each of the pieces. I was inspired by the titles of the song on the album, So I am giving them a visual meaning. The First one I created is called perfect space. I was inspired by an art gallery wall I saw when on a college visit. To me an art room or a place that has art on the walls is a perfect space, especially an art gallery. Art galleries are clean and have perfectly place artwork that makes the room come together.

The next project I created is called Tin man. For this project I decided to use tinfoil to represent tin man himself. I made him in a kitchen making sugar cookies that are in the shape of a heart. I did this because in the Wizard of Oz Tin Man needs a heart. I started by drawing the kitchen and tin man in pen, and then I colored in the red hearts with pen. After this I glued the tin foil with a glue stick, however this did not work and I used my chapstick to secure the tin foil.

For the next project I created a candy house because the song title is called "Ill with want" Candy is something everyone wants and sometimes you can get ill if you eat too much. I started by sketching the house and the landscape behind it. I then went in with acrylic paint and used light blue on the snow I then filled in the gingerbread house with color. After this I painted in the gumdrops and the cherries in the snow.

For my next project the song title is "head full of doubt/road full of promise" I wanted to create something that represents my future/ my road full of promise. I started by drawing the blueprint of my house that I am moving out of to represent moving on. I also included a lot of marine life and oceans because I am going to college in Florida in the fall. I included magazine clippings from New Zealand because it's where i plan to study abroad. After I collected these pieces, I glued them on and painted the road. I also put a car driving past a sign that reads "road closed" in the location of my bedroom.

For my next project the song title was called 10000 words. I decided to draw a library in a city. I first started by drawing a sketch in pencil of the building and scene. Then I went in with black pen over my sketch. Once I completed this I decided to paint the library green to give it an older look. I then went in with yellow for the hood of the door. Then I painted the chair yellow and the sign red for extra contrast.