For this project we had to create something that represented a sense of inclusion for our community and those with disabilities. I decided to draw a tree with roots that have ribbons, each representing a different cause.

The first thing I did was sketch out the roots with pencil. I then went back in and added the ribbons with water color. After that I outlined the roots with brown fine point pen. From what I had learned from my previous blind contour project, I knew the pens I used bled when applied with water. I decided to use them like water color so I added clear water to all the roots and the tree trunk. At the end I added green to the background and small little flowers to give it a more interesting appeal. I still felt like it needed something more, so I added the phrase " all roots stem from one tree"

I chose to draw the tree because I thought it represented a sense of community. I didn't want to use the top of the tree because I thought it wasn't original enough, so instead I used the roots. I wanted to incorporate those with mental disabilities to my art work, so I found different colors that represent different causes and put them on ribbons draped around the roots. For example the color purple represents Alzheimers disease. I also wanted to come up with a phrase that would give more meaning to my work. The sentence " all roots stem from one tree" represents how even though we may all be different, we are still a community and we are all tied together In some way. We need to recognize this in our own lives and make sure to think about everyone.