MaxQuant Summer School 2018

8-13 July 2018 - Barcelona, Spain

In the 10th MaxQuant Summer School, the lectures and the tutorials given by the very developers of the MaxQuant software allowed the audience to become more and more familiar with the features and the potential of both MaxQuant and Perseus, the data analysis softwares developed at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munch (Germany).

Other talks and lectures given by different figures in the scientific world illustrated some of the applications of proteomics techniques and, in particular, how the efficiency in data analysis can be improved by using MaxQuant and Perseus softwares.

TEMPERA at the 10th MaxQuant Summer School

The institution organizing the MaxQuant Summer School, the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, is part of the TEMPERA consortium (MPI in TEMPERA).

Among the scientists part of the TEMPERA network, Professor Jürgen Cox (organizer of the Summer School), Petra Gutenbrunner (TEMPERA PhD student at MPI), Professor Enrico Cappellini (network coordinator), and Patrick Rüther (TEMPERA PhD student at University of Copenhagen) gave lectures and talks during the 10th MaxQuant Summer School. For more details about their talks:

All the lectures, the talks and the tutorials of the 10th MaxQuant Summer School can be found on the Max Quant official YouTube channel.

The latest version of the MaxQuant software for Windows or for Linux can be downloaded following this link.

Photo credits: Patrick Rüther