Enable Outreach 2018

Copenhagen (DK), 7 November 2018

Patrick Rüther gave a public microtalk at the Enable Conference in Copenhagen.

The ENABLE Conference 2018, organized by PhD students and postdocs, took place in Copenhagen on November 7-8. As part of an initiative to bring biomedicine closer to society through outreach activities, ENABLE included microtalks for a general audience. International students told about their research in bars across the city. TEMPERA fellow, Patrick Rüther gave a 10 minutes talk at the pub “ Sorte Firkant” to an audience of about 40 adults with an interest in biological sciences. The topic of his talk was “Biomolecules Depicher the Past”. After starting with the analogy of forensic sciences, where the genetic fingerprint has become the gold standard, the audience participated in a “Bone Pub Quiz” matching bone fragments to species. Having learned that some of these questions can only be answered with biological evidence, Patrick subsequently went through the technology used to measure ancient DNA and protein sequences. Highlighting two examples from our current laboratory work - a 14th century fresco and a 1.7 million year-old Rhinoceros tooth - he explained what scientist today can discover about evolution and human history by analyzing ancient proteins. Finally, Patrick pointed out the collaborative nature of the TEMPERA project and acknowledged the EU and involved research groups for their support.

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Photo credits: Enable Consortium