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University of York (UoY) 🇬🇧

Founded in 1963, the University of York is renowned as a young research-led University. With a flat management structure that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration across departmental boundaries, UoY consistently out-performs all other large civic universities. The University is a member of the Russell Group, a leading organisation of UK universities committed to the highest levels of academic excellence in both teaching and research. UoY is also a member of the World University Network, a worldwide alliance of thirteen research-led universities, and is one of few universities less than 50 years old to reach the world top 100 (it has done so for 5 consecutive years); unsurprisingly, it is the top UK University under 50 years of age (Times).

Matthew J. Collins

Supervisor of Gopaiah Talari

Co-supervisor of Carla Soto

Matthew has coordinated two Marie Curie Training Sites (Biogeochemistry and Gene-Time), and acted as coordinator of a third (Palaeo) and will Direct the MSC European Joint Doctoral Site, ArchSci2020 (2016-2020). Collins has supervised 19 PhD students, seven of whom have won tenured positions and six Marie Curie Fellows all of whom have enjoyed successful careers. His research focuses on the decay pathways of proteins, enabling him to both recover sequences in deep time, and to use patterns of protein decay as a geochronological tool. Collins’s research into ancient proteins has made significant contribution to the discipline of Archaeology as evidenced by his election as Fellow of the British Academy.