Bordeaux Scientific Fair 2019

Bordeaux, (FR), 30 June 2019

Francesca Galluzzi introduced the field of Palaeoproteomics and the investigation og ancient proteins through MS analysis

The 30th June 2019, Francesca Galluzzi volunteered at Bordeaux scientific fair «Ramene (pas) ta science » in the Peixotto park in Talence, France. The fair was organized to offer different types of entertainment and activities for both children and adults, including experimental stands, workshops and live shows with science stories or anecdotes. The entire event was organized and conducted by 150 volunteers (associations, university students, doctoral students, researchers, university personnel, friends of science) and financially supported by more than 40 partners.

Francesca Galluzzi, besides having helped in the organization of the whole event, created and conducted different activities for the archaeological stand. She introduced to a general audience, with the help of a poster, the field of Paleoproteomics and the investigation of ancient proteins through MS analysis. The activity carried out consisted mainly of active discussion with the public and in several question-and-answer sessions.