Open Forum at the Archaeology Department at University of York

York, (GB), 8 February 2019

Carla Lucia Soto Quintana gave a talk at the Postgraduate Research Forum

The Postgraduate Research Forum is the departmental discussion group where our active research community - postdoctoral and PhD students, plus other academic staff - gather during term to discuss matters of mutual interest within the broad field of archaeology.

The role of Research Forum is to explore and experiment with ideas, material culture, landscapes - right through to music, images and performance. It is an informal space to test pre-publication ideas on a sympathetic, supportive but informed audience and to report back to friends and colleagues on fieldwork, research, activities, progress and achievements. It is also somewhere to launch discussions about ideas that might (or might not) turn into larger, funded projects, or that would benefit from communal critique. We try to be experimental, adventurous, and even courageous and inventive.