University of Naples

University of Naples (UNINA) 🇮🇹

Founded by Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Frederick II in 1224, the University of Naples “Federico II” is the most ancient state-supported institution of higher education and research in Europe and one of the largest universities in the world. The university offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines, leading to one hundred fifty five graduate level degrees. Research facilities provide support to all these courses. It is organized in 26 Departments, ranging from Humanities to Sciences, counting up to more than 2500 academic personnel. The Department of Chemical Sciences is among the largest ones, with about 100 academic staff, covering a wide range of international-level research activities, and an annual research income of around 15 million €.

Supervisor of Georgia Ntasi

Leila is an Associate Professor in Biochemistry. Her research activity is focused on proteomics and, in the last decade, on the application of proteomics to the diagnosis in the cultural heritage field. The adaptation of proteomics procedures to ancient proteins has been a central issue in samples ranging from bones to paintings (8 articles in the last 6 years on these subject), with a special interest in the search for molecular signatures for deterioration/ageing. At the moment, she is supervising 2 PhD students in Chemical Science with research projects in paleoproteomics.