European Nights of Researchers 2019

Bordeaux, (FR), 27 September 2019

Francesca Galluzzi participated in "speed searching" and "the investigation office"

Francesca Galluzzi has participated in the 15th European Researchers’ Night in Bordeaux, which took place at the museum Cap Science. Between 6:30 p.m. and midnight, nearly 700 people came to participate in activities led by a hundred researchers (most of them involved in European projects). The annual event, supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, takes place simultaneously in more than 350 European cities, including 13 in France. It is an occasion to discover, experience and learn more on several and various scientific disciplines and maybe also to spark an interest in scientific careers in the youngest audience. The event in Bordeaux was organized by the University of Bordeaux, in collaboration with the museum Cap Sciences, the University of Bordeaux Montaigne and the CNRS Aquitaine.

Numerous and varied activities from a multiple research topics were offered by following the year’s theme “Get into the investigation”. Among them, the Francesca Galluzzi actively participated in:

- Speed searching, which consisted in the presentation of the own scientific research or scientific topic to a small group of people (maximum 5 persons) for 8 minutes and then change group.

- Investigation office (bureau des enquête) accessible from 6 years old, where Francesca brought three objects (collagen based glue, chromatographic column and a table of amino acids) to help the public guess her research project and/or scientific field.