Devro plc (DEVRO) 🇬🇧

Devro plc is a multinational company based in Moodiesburn, Chryston, Scotland which manufactures and distributes goods derived from collagen, principally sausage casings, a product in which it is the world leader. The firm also produces films, casings and other specialised collagen products for use in the health care and cosmetics industries. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Originating from Johnson and Johnson medical in the 1960’s Devro now exists as a private multi-national company manufacturing collagen based food films around the world. Within the group there are 6 manufacturing sites; 2 in Scotland, 2 in Czech Republic, I in USA and 1 in Australia, an additional site is being built in China.

Gordon Paul

Supervisor of Carla Soto

Dr Gordon Paul is the Group Head of Research at DEVRO plc, where he leads a team developing new products and methods to process collagen. Dr Paul completed his PhD at Manchester University before completing 3 post-doctoral positions at Bristol University; specialising in the modification of collagen during wound healing, aging and disease. He subsequently moved to the University of Northampton where as a lecturer at the British School of Leather Technology, becoming Head of School in 2003. During this time he carried out contract research for industry related to collagen processing, taught undergraduate and post-graduate students and supervised 3 PhD students before moving to his current role at Devro; where he has worked for the past 12 years.