Ancient Proteins@20

20-22 August 2018- Copenhagen, Denmark

The AncientProteins@20 Conference took place in Copenhagen (Denmark) in August 2018.

The event was a 5-day summer course providing students with a broad but detailed introduction to ancient genomics and the analysis of ancient proteins and their application in archaeology.

The aim was to explore developments in the study of ancient proteins in the last 20 years since the last meeting held in 1998 in Washington DC.

TEMPERA at the AncientProteins@20 Conference

Several members within the TEMPERA network gave talks at the conference, including: Professor Enrico Cappellini (network coordinator), Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo (TEMPERA PhD student at University of Copenhagen), Diana Samodova (TEMPERA PhD student at University of Copenhagen), Professor Yimin Yang (University of Chinese Acadamy of Science, TEMPERA partner organization), Patrick Leopold Rüther (TEMPERA PhD student at University of Copenhagen), Francesca Galluzzi (TEMPERA PhD student at University of Bordeaux), Professor Caroline Tokarski ( University of Bordeaux , TEMPERA beneficiary) and Professor Carl Heron (The British Museum, TEMPERA partner organization).

For more details about their talks: