Élodie Lévêque

Élodie Lévêque graduated with a Master's in Book Conservation from the Sorbonne (Paris) in 2010 and completed a PhD in Medieval History in 2020 (Paris X University). For the past 5 years, her main focus has been on medieval bindings from the Clairvaux Collection of manuscripts.

She is a Senior conservator in Trinity College, Dublin. She previously worked at the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (IRHT/CNRS) in Paris as a research engineer. Prior to this, Elodie was a Manuscript Conservator at Montpellier University Library. She also worked for the National Library of Ireland (2010-2016) as a project conservator and a Heritage Council fellow, conserving the Library’s manuscripts collections, incl. the Gaelic and the Ormond Deeds Collections.

She worked as a fellow at the New-York Academy of Medicine (Gladys Brooke Book and Paper fellowship, 2010), and as a post-graduate intern at both the Morgan Library and Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2009-2010).

Élodie is the author of numerous publications about manuscript conservation, in international peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the Journal of Paper Conservation; in addition, she is part of the seminar advisory board for Care and Conservation of Manuscripts (University of Copenhagen). She is a member of the International Council of Museums (Committee for Conservation), and of the International Association of Book and Paper Conservators (IADA).