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La fabrication de parchemin / Parchment Making

Universite de Namur

A video of this years parchment workshop, partially sponsored by B2C (in French and English)

eZooMS: Species identification of parchment


A video describing our non-invasive sampling technique using erasers, and how we extract the collagen proteins that are subsequently analysed using peptide mass fingerprinting on a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer.

Link to transcript

A Mini Guide to Medieval Monks

English Heritage

There were many different religious communities in medieval Britain. Many of English Heritage’s religious sites were once home to one of the four major monastic movements – the Benedictines, Cluniacs, Carthusians and Cistercians.

Meet a Medieval Monk

English Heritage

Young English Heritage Members Emily and Sam visit Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire to meet St Aelred, its most famous abbot, to discover what life was like in this Cistercian monastery.

Parchment Production 1934

British Pathé George Band Parchment Makers Brentford, Middlesex

How parchment is made


Jesse Meyer Hudson Valley, NY,

Medieval Helpdesk

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)

Helpdesk support back in the day of the middle age with English subtitles. Original taken from the show "Øystein og jeg" 2001.