Matthew Teasdale


Matthew graduated with a BSc in human genetics (2007) and an MRes in bioinformatics (2008) from Newcastle University. He then moved to Trinity College Dublin to complete a PhD in genetics (2013) as part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie initial training network LeCHE, specialising in the analysis of ancient DNA. He then conducted further postdoctoral research in archaeogenetics at Trinity College Dublin as part of the ERC funded CodeX project. Subsequently, Matthew completed a 2-year Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellowship at the university of York. In 2019 Matthew joined the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research as a research associate as part of the Beasts to Craft project.


My research interests centre on the use of genetic methods to understand the past, particularly using ancient DNA to investigate animal domestication and breeding. My current research focuses on the extraction and sequencing of DNA from manuscript parchment a time capsule of genetic information.

Key Publications

  • Fiddyment S, Teasdale MD, Vnouček J, Lévêque É, Binois A, Collins MJ. So you want to do biocodicology? A field guide to the biological analysis of parchment. Heritage Science 2019.
  • Teasdale MD*, Fiddyment S*, Vnouček J, Mattiangeli V, Speller C, Binois A, Carver M, Dand C, Newfield TP, Webb CC, Bradley DG, Collins MJ. The York Gospels: a 1000-year biological palimpsest. Royal Society Open Science. 2017. *Co-lead authors
  • Teasdale MD, van Doorn NL, Fiddyment S, Webb CC, O’Connor T, Hofreiter M, Collins MJ, Bradley DG. Paging through history: parchment as a reservoir of ancient DNA for next generation sequencing. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2015.

Contact details

Dr Matthew Teasdale

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Dept. of Archaeology

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK

Tel: 01223 (7) 64719