IMC Leeds 4 July

Session 1524 09.00-10.30: Biocodicology: Revealing the Biological Biographies of Books

Parchment manuscripts provide a window into the medieval world, long the subject of close textual criticism, cultural, and artistic analysis, they have informed our understanding of developments in aesthetics, state, law, religion, and commerce. This session aims to promote the field of biocodicology which documents the often overlooked biological and craft record contained within parchment, revealing the entangled histories of agricultural innovation, the craft of parchment production, and book culture in Europe. Talks in this session will be of both a theoretical and practical nature in their analysis of parchment manuscripts as an invaluable biological and craft record.

Organisers Sarah Fiddyment & Matthew Teasdale

Insular Parchment on the Continent

Joanna Story, School of Historical Studies, University of Leicester

What Lies Beneath: Biological Effects of Parchment Manufacturing

Carla Soto, BioArCh - Department of Archaeology, University of York

The Message in the Medium: Using Visual and Biomolecular Analysis to Illuminate Manuscript Production (Language: English)

Jiri Vnoucek, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York