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1-4 July 2019 Leeds

March 28–29, 2019, New York

This event is part of “Conserving Active Matter: A Cultures of Conservation Research Project,” a collaboration between Bard Graduate Center, the Humboldt University (Berlin), and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

March 10-15, 2019

manuSciences'19 will focus on a multi-facetted investigation of manuscripts adding new chemical and physical analyses, imaging methods and techniques from computer sciences to classical philology, paleography, codicology, linguistics and history.

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University of Napoli, 20th February 2019 Matthew Collins (right)

National Leather Collection, Northampton 23rd November 2018

University of Arizona 30th November 2018

Lecture Napoli