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Will your company stand the test of time?

Welcome to ourcompanyplan.com. Your solution to organizing & controlling your business knowledge.

Home of the .ocp standard.

Compliant to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

Corporate Records - "at-a-glance"

Stuck in a foreign country? Need a copy of your passport? - Done! Need a copy of your minute book? - Done! Need financial statements? - Done Need details on your strategic (or any) plan in an instant? - Done!

A company's greatest information resource. Rely on a system, not a person.

We provide you with a central, unified, online location to store and maintain your company records, plans, processes and key knowledge, including:

      • Business Plan
      • Operational Plan
      • Quality Plan
      • Manufacturing Plan
      • Project Plan
      • Strategic Plan
      • Environmental Plan
      • Succession Plan
      • Continuity Plan
      • Financial Plan
      • Minute Book Contents

Perfect in the event of:

- Death of Key Person

- Succession Transition & Training

- Natural Disasters (If your physical location is destroyed)

- Sharing Information with Stakeholders (Bankers, Investors, Advisors)

Accessible, Customizable & Controllable:

- Access and Update from Anywhere

- Editable

- Control Access on a Need-to-Know Basis


Comm-DDR (TM) Compliant




Take the pre-test:

1 - do you have formal plans in place for your company?

2 - if your physical location or your computers are shut down, will you be able to operate your business?

3 - if you die, do you care if your survivors will be able to run the business; and if so, do you have a plan in place to effect the transition?

4 - do you have an organized, up-to-date business & financial package ready to share with prospective investors and lenders?

5 - if all of your employees or your key personnel quit, do you have knowledge transfer systems in place?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, you need us!

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Accessible, Safe and Secure:

Cloud-based access is perfect for physical disaster mitigation.

Fully Secure: ISO 27001 certified IT processes.

The Last Mortgage or Loan Application You Will Ever Need

Loan and Mortgage Applicants:

So long as you borrower funds via MQCC.org (our parent company), please read this.

As part of your service with MQCC (for as long as you are an active and paying MQCC customer) is use of the www.ourcompanyplan.com OCP™ system which is based upon the MQCC Blockchain Applicant™ platform. OCP, developed pre-2012, is the worlds first and only blockchain based mortgage application platform that integrates a "proof of content" system with document collection and validation. Frankly speaking, an MQCC mortgage application is the last application you will ever need. So long as you remain an active paying customer of MQCC.

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