databases, web collections, e-books etc.

If you are using these databases at home, you will need a password. To access passwords, you have these options:

  • passwords can be found in the Citation Station on the wall in the library and library lab - grab a sticker or take a photo
  • you may also have access to them through your teacher's Google Classroom or D2L
JMSS Library Scholarly Research: How to Use the Database Collections

Important to remember:

Whether your sources are print or online, you must keep track of them. You should be able to identify which ideas came from which sources. The "purple" provide an easy organized tracker that you can later use to create a Works Cited List. You can find print copies of the purple sheets in the Citation Station beside the front bookcase. You can also find electronic versions here.

digital copies of print encyclopedias

  • health,
  • history,
  • biotechnology
  • careers

Articles with arguments and counter-arguments on Canadian social issues. Info and resources organized by topic area - very handy! Citation tools.

A vast collection of Canadian articles, magazines, journals, newspapers.

HUGE collection of articles, magazines, journals, newspapers for research!

NOT just for AP students - just a similar name

Articles, reference books, images, journals, magazines etc. on earth science, life science, technology, health etc.

Includes Encyclopedia of Literary Works, Critical Essays, Biographies, plot summaries, etc

Huge array of reference books, historical interest magazines and scholarly articles.

Great for Phys Ed and Science research on health, disease, mental health, and medical topics. Info is aimed at a teen audience.

Power Search of all Ebsco databases. May return too many articles.

The Authoritative French (based in France) general-purpose encyclopedia. Make sure to use this link to access the site.

  • find articles!
  • a HUGE collection of databases for research!

Ottawa Public Library Resources

If you have trouble accessing through these links, many of these databases are available on the Ottawa Public Library website. You need your library card to gain access.

Reference books online: Digital copies of encyclopedias and other reference works

Curio is CBC's educational streaming service. You can find documentaries from television and radio, news reports and more, including shows like The Nature of Things, Kim's Convenience, and Canada's Smartest Person.

Find out how to get a free account here.

Get help with academic skills: researching, note-taking, writing essays