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Mrs. Denise Moser


Now that we are working from home, and working online , I will:

1. Post work regularly with deadlines.

2. Notify you and parent if you miss more than two assignments.

3. Be available to you via email during the school day

4. Have zoom once a week for us to connect and ask questions


Computer Graphic Design 2

IED (Introduction to Engineering Design* - PLTW) *honors

AED (Architecture and Engineering Design)

Adviser to Graphic Design Club STEM Club and the National Art Honor Society


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and/or be in my class to see most webpages

I will give Attendance points at each zoom meeting for each class:

  • 5 points: Adding to the conversation, Arriving on-time, and Showing your face during attendance
  • 4 points: Arriving on-time and Showing your face during attendance
  • 3 points: Showing your face during attendance

** NOTE: This is not directly transferring into a grade in Powerschool. ( 3points out of 5 is not an F or 60%)

I will later know how I will use these attendance/participation points after they accumulate.