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Synopsis: Frozen JR. is based on the 2018 Broadway musical, and brings Elsa, Anna, and the magical land of Arendelle to life, onstage. A story of true love and acceptance between sisters, Frozen JR. expands upon the emotional relationship and journey between Princesses Anna and Elsa.


Performance Info

Performance Dates:

  • Thursday, January 27th @ 7 pm

  • Saturday, January 29th @ 7 pm

  • Sunday, January 30th @ 2 pm

  • Friday, February 4th @ 7 pm

  • Saturday, February 5th @ 7pm

  • Sunday, February 6th @ 2 pm

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults $12

  • Students/Seniors $10

Sneak peeks of rehearsals

Disney's Frozen JR rehearsal clips

Production Staff

Director: Ashley Becher

Asst. Director: Renae Mohr

Co-Producers: Stacie Kintigh & Renae Mohr

Vocal Director: Bobby Becher

Choreographer: Bethany Sanders

Scenic Designer: Tom Goodall

Student Scenic Designer: Aidan Chizek

Light Designer: Josh Tipsword

Assistant Light Designers: Kale Rohlf

Technical Director: Josh Tipsword

Asst. Technical Director: Justin Walker

Stage Manager: Aunica Jecks

Properties Managers: Anna Sophia Council

Cast & Crew


Young Anna: Camdyn Strom

Middle Anna: Anna Harris

Anna: Elly Carlson

Young Elsa: Alaina Triplett

Middle Elsa: Aria Webb

Elsa: Kaitlyn Wood

King Agnarr: Padriac Bozik

Queen Iduna: Rachel Sorensen

Pabbie: Hannah Noonan

Bulda: Grace Hamann

Bishop: Caleb Strom

Kristoff: Thomas McCarthy

Sven: Seth Chappel

Hans: Riley McCoy

Weselton: Michael Kintigh

Olaf: Ava Hagedorn

Oaken: Ethan Windt

Ensemble: Includes the following roles:

  • Snow Chorus/Summer Chorus -

    • Ellanore Young - Dance Captain

    • Kate Andersen

    • Kaitlyn Knoche

    • Lauren Pawloski

    • Anna Harris

    • Aria Webb

    • Chloe Schwab

    • Meredith Carlson

  • Castle Staff

    • Housekeeper - Riley Greenwood

    • Butler - Eliot Morrow

    • Handmaiden - Amber Bauswell

    • Cook - Jill Dircks

    • Steward - Isaiah Serrano

  • Guards -

    • Keegan Panther

    • Aiden Kelsey

Ensemble Continued

  • Oaken's Family / Hidden Folk / Townspeople

    • Rachel Sorensen - Dance Captain

    • Ava Siegfried

    • Jill Dircks

    • Gabby Andersen

    • Ethan Windt

    • Hope Harrison

    • Amber Bauswell

    • Abby La Plante

    • Grace Gephart

    • Adison Greer

    • Riley Greenwood

    • Alexa McDaniel

    • Ryenne Lacher

    • Isaiah Serrano

    • Aiden Kelsey

    • Keegan Panther

    • Padriac Bozik

    • Grace Hamann

    • Hannah Noonan

    • Lauren Pawloski

    • Caleb Strom

    • Grace Warhurst

    • Riley Greenwood

    • Eliot Morrow

    • Adriana Phillips


Lightboard Operator: Kale Rohlf

Spotlight Operator: Coy Rice

Soundboard Operator: Ryan Stickler

Sound Effects Operator: Abby Harrison

Rigging Operator: Brendan Peters

Stage Crew (2-5): Marissa Carlton, Aidan Chizek, Eva Lubben, Anna Sophia Council, Athena Nelson

Makeup Head: Kaitlyn Wood

Makeup Crew: Kate Jost, Grace Hamann, Gabby Andersen, Eva Lubben

Costume Crew: Eva Lubben

Lighting Crew: Brendan Peters, Kale Rohlf, & Ryan Stickler

Set Construction:

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