Rehearsal for Murder

Play | Fall 2018

Performance Dates:

  • Thursday, Nov. 1st @ 7pm

  • Saturday, Nov. 3rd @7pm

  • Sunday, Nov. 4th @ 2pm

Performance Cost:

  • Adults $12

  • Students & Seniors $10


Synopsis: This is a thrilling "theatrical" mystery in which your theatre becomes the set for the play. The playwright turns on the stage work light and prepares for the first reading of his new play. The actors, producer, director and others connected with the show come onto the stage, and under their humorous (and utterly real) theatrical talk, tension grows. We discover that everyone connected with this play was involved with another play by the same playwright. At its opening night, exactly a year ago and in this same theatre, the beautiful leading lady, who was also the playwright's fiance, was murdered! As these people start with the new play, startling connections to the murder begin to unfold. The growing tension reaches the boiling point with surprising revelations, countered by others even more surprising. The dazzling, yet basically logical twists build to a climax and solution that are theatrically stunning! The authors of this thriller have all had direct Broadway experience, and their dialogue has a special sting of wit and reality.

Production Team & Crew

Director: Stacie Kintigh

Asst. Director: Emmett Boedecker

Student Director: Joie Stoefen

Technical Director: Josh Tipsword

Producer: Renae Mohr

Asst. Producers: Kiki Keeney & Sara Kook

Stage Manager: Maia Glover

Scenic Designer: Tom Goodall

Light Designer: Josh Tipsword

Assistant Light Designer: Ethan Jost

Lighting Crew: Carson Oetzmann

Lightboard Operator: Ethan Jost

Spotlight Operator: Hunter Frerichs

Sound Designers: Aubrey Kurt & Nicole Blodig

Sound Operators: Aubrey Kurt & Nicole Blodig

Stage Crew Chief: Mikayla Carlton

Properties Master: Elena Kook & Alauna Gentz

Costume Design: Renae Mohr

Costume Crew: Katie Allen, Haley Howes, Delaney Coffman

Hair & Makeup Design: Grace Coffman

Hair & Makeup Crew: Grace Coffman, Hannah Krebs, Abi Jensen, Renae Mohr

Rigging Operator: Kara Rohlf

Stage Crew: Molly Burgmeier, Dana Jamison, Jacob Bibens


Alex Dennison: Cooper Harrison

Ernie: Abi Jensen

Sally Bean: Aviana Holst

Monica Welles: Emma Hughes

Loretta: Kaitlyn Wood

Lloyd Andrews: Eliot Morrow

Bella Lamb: Kaitlyn Bendickson

Karen Daniels: Bethany Schwarz

David Mathews: Connor Oetzmann

Leo Gibbs: Ethan Windt

Police Officer: Rachel Costello

Police Officer: Blake Kadlec

Person in the Auditorium: Mitchell Smith

Mr. Santoro: Caden Romero

Second Person in the Auditorium: Rita Ordaz