Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Spring Musical

April 20th - 22nd & 27th - 29th, 2018

Performance Dates:

  • Friday, April 20th @ 7pm
  • Saturday, April 21th @7pm
  • Sunday, April 22nd @ 2pm

  • Friday, April 27th @ 7pm
  • Saturday, April 28th @7pm
  • Sunday, April 29th @ 2pm

Performance Cost:

  • Adults $10
  • Students $8
  • Pre K $6


Synopsis: In the biblical land of Caanan, Joseph is the favourite son of Jacob. As such, he encounters the jealousy of his brothers who object to his dreams in which he is the hero and the brothers have to pay homage to him. They arrange to have him killed and to prove his death, show their father the multicoloured coat smeared with blood. In fact, Joseph has been sold in slavery to the household of Potiphar who has him thrown in jail as he objects to the attraction between his wife and Joseph. Joseph's ability to interpret dreams is relayed to Pharaoh who has started to have a series of dreams. Joseph foresees seven years of full harvests and this to be followed by seven years of famine. Joseph is put in charge of preparing for the years of famine and, just as prophesied, the dreams came true.

Back in Caanan, the famine affected Joseph's family too. The brothers travel to Egypt to find work. They go to Joseph who recognises them but they don't recognise him. They bow down before him (just as foretold in an earlier dream). Joseph has a score to settle though and after giving his brothers grain, he hides a goblet in Benjamin's sack. Benjamin is accused of theft. The brothers plead for Benjamin's release from custody and Joseph relents and then reveals himself as their brother. The ending is a happy one.


Dinner Theatre:

Friday, April 27th @ 5pm & Saturday, April 28th @ 5pm

Technicolor Chorus: Click Here

Production Team & Crew

Director: Renae Mohr

Asst. Director: Sara Kook

Technical Director: Josh Tipsword

Producer: Stacie Kintigh

Pit Director: Thomas Knowles

Vocal Directors: Josh & Kiki Keeney

Instrumental Engineer: Emmett Boedecker

Stage Manager: Alauna Gentz

Asst. Stage Manager: Maia Glover

Scenic Designer: Tom Goodall

Light Designers: Nicole Blodig & Josh Tipsword

Light Board Operator: Nicole Blodig & Josh Tipsword

Sound Board Operator: Ethan Jost

Flyman: Hunter Frerichs

Properties Master: Kara Rohlf, Elena Kook, Connor Oetzmann

Hair & Makeup Crew: TBD

Costuming Crew: Katie Allen, Drama Mamma's

Lighting Crew: Hunter Frerichs, Ethan Jost, Kara Rohlf, Zachary Ramsey

Stage Crew: Mikayla Carlton, Hunter Frerichs, Dana Jamison, Aubrey Kurt, Cody Johnston, Molly Burgmeier

Set Construction Crew: TBD

Cast List

Rehearsal Schedule:

Joseph: Charleston Balsar

Narrators: Ivy Jensen, Joie Stoefen, Haley Howes

Jacob: Mitchell Smith

Potiphar: Connor Oetzmann

Mrs. Potiphar: Bethany Schwarz

Baker: Gordy Field

Butler: Drew Dowda

Pharaoh: Brenden Ludwig

Reuben: Seth Schrock

Mrs. Reuben: Grace Sampson

Judah: Connor Oetzmann

Mrs. Judah: Bethany Schwarz

Simeon: Owen Popelka

Mrs. Simeon: Elena Kook

Levi: Matthew Schipper

Mrs. Levi: Morgan Abbott

Dan: Colby Ludwig

Mrs. Dan: Alannah Skinner

Naphtali: Ben Boddicker

Mrs. Naphtali: Abi Jensen

Gad: Cameron LaPage

Mrs. Gad: Kaitlyn Bendickson

Asher: Brenden Ludwig

Mrs. Asher: Hannah Krebs

Issachar: Drew Dowda

Mrs. Issachar: Lily Bendickson

Zebulun: Cooper Harrison

Mrs. Zebulun: Emma Hughes

Benjamin: Kyle Skinner

Mrs. Benjamin: Glory Hansel

Ensemble: Jacob Bibens, Rachel Costello, Veronica Carter, Katie Allen, Bella Westfall, Gordy Field

Soda Pop'ers


Connor Oetzmann

Emmett Boedeker

Natalie Romanick

Sara Kook


Caelan Long

Haley Howes

Ivy Jensen

Joie Stoefen

Lilia Johnson


Mitchell Smith


Ben Boddicker

Brenden Ludwig

Katie Allen


Abi Jensen

Bethany Schwarz

Brenden Ludwig

Cameron Lapage

Cody Johnston

Colby Ludwig

Drew Dowda

Elena Kook

Emma Hughes

Hannah Krebs

Kaitlyn Bendickson

Katie Allen

Kyle Skinner

Lily Bendickson

Mitchell Smith

Morgan Abbott

Rachel Costello

Tara Poinsett