The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Children's Theatre

February 16th - 18th, 2018

Performances of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for the weekend of Feb. 16, 17, 18 have been canceled.

In honor of SJ Madden, Lancer Productions will be performing The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Feb. 23, 24, 25.

Tickets purchased for Feb. 16th will be honored on Feb. 23rd.

Tickets purchased for Feb. 17th will be honored on Feb. 24th.

Tickets purchased for Feb. 18th will be honored on Feb. 25th.

Show tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students and $6 for pre-K. Join us an hour before the show to walk through the wardrobe to TEA WITH MR. TUMNUS (additional $5).

The cafeteria will be transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. There will be games, activities, treats and photo opportunities with the characters! Order your Tickets now @

If you are unable to attend at the corresponding performance date & time - please email as soon as possible regarding a ticket exchange or transfer.

We ask that you keep the Madden family in your prayers.

Performance Dates:

  • Friday, February 23rd @ 7pm

  • Saturday, February 24th @7pm

  • Sunday, February 25th @ 2pm

Performance Cost:

  • Adults $10

  • Students $8

  • Pre K $6

Synopsis: You are about to enter the magical land of Narnia, the land behind the wardrobe door where animals talk, trees can walk, a white witch covers the landscape with snow and bewitches you with Turkish Delight, and where a mighty lion rescues you whenever you get into trouble. C.S. Lewis' first tale of Narnia is loved by children and adults the world over. Just open the door. You'll never believe what you'll find.


Production Staff:

Director/Producer: Stacie Kintigh

Assistant Director: Renae Mohr

Technical Director: Josh Tipsword

Assistant Producers: Sara Kook & Emily Hintze

Fight Director: Brandon Brockshus

Puppet Director: Seth Chappell

Student Director: Alexis Raleigh

Stage Manager: Alauna Gentz

Assistant Stage Manager: Kara Rohlf

Scenic Designer: Tom Goodall

Lighting Designer: Josh Tipsword

Sound Designer: Dana Jamison & Ethan Jost

Puppet Designer: Seth Chappell

Hair & Makeup Designer: Grace Coffman

Master Electrician: Charlie Balsar

Fight Choreography: Brandon Brockshus

Dance Choreographer: Bethany Schwarz

Musical Orchestration: Emmett Boedeker

Costume Crew: Katie Allen, Sue Boedeker, Becky Esbaum, Torrance Foit, Sherri Marceau, Kelly Morrow

Properties Master: Connor Oetzmann & Maia Glover

Lighting Crew: Nicole Blodig

Lightboard Operator: Charlie Balsar

Soundboard Operator: Ethan Jost

Sound Effects Operator: Dana Jamison

Stage Crew Chief: Nicole Blodig

Stage Crew: Maia Glover, Aubrey Kurt, Molly Burgmeier, Hunter Frerichs, Mikayla Carlton

Rigging Operator: Hunter Frerichs

Set Construction Crew: (Listed by shop hours in the last 75 days)

Nicole Blodig, Ethan Jost, Hunter Frerichs, Maia Glover, Cooper Harrison, Kara Rohlf, Bethany Schwarz, Kathryn Allen, Zachary Ramsey, Glory Hansel, Arbor Danielson, Molly Burgmeier, Alauna Gentz, Connor Oetzmann, KaTin Wu, Morgan Abbott, Elena Kook, Hannah Krebs, Charleston Balsar, Abigail Jensen, Mikayla Carlton, Aubrey Kurt, Torrance Lang, Cody Johnston, Mitchell Smith, SJ Madden, Ivy Jensen, Seth Schrock, Haley Salyars, Logan Lee, Owen Popelka

Cast List:

Lucy - Sophie Cox

Peter - Garrett Bowe

Edmund - Kyle Skinner

Susan - Grace Sampson

Mrs. Macready - Hannah Krebs

Professor - Brenden Ludwig

Mr. Tumnus - Cameron LaPage

White Witch - Natalie Romanick

Dwarf (Ginarrbrik) - Emma Lineback

Mr. Beaver - SJ Madden

Mrs. Beaver - Abi Jensen

Maugrim - Owen Popelka

Father Christmas - Noah Kelley

Aslan - Keegan Harry

Aslan Puppeteer - Brenden Ludwig

Aslan Puppeteer - Joie Stoefen

Dryad Tree Chorus

Hannah Krebs

McKenna Santee

Torrance Foit

Katie Allen

Haley Howes

White Witch Followers

Rachel Costello (Red Dwarf)

Mitchell Smith (Minotaur - General Otmin)

Seth Schrock (Goblin)

Deayden Jackson (Goblin)

Ben Boddicker (Maugrim’s Lieutenant)

Logan Lee (Evil Giant)

Aslan Followers

Connor Oetzmann (Centaur - Oreius) (Forest Animal)

Matthew Schipper (Griffin) (Forest Animal)

Morgan Abbott (Unicorn) (Forest Animal)

Riley Brown (Fox) (Forest Animal)

Noah Kelley (Rumblebuffin the Giant)


(Woodland Mythical Creatures / Dark Forces / Mice)

Aundrea Crain

Elena Kook

Colby Ludwig

Bethany Schwarz

Emma Stanley