Nar-Anon Southern California Region

Regional Subcommittees

Regional service opportunities in the Southern California Region of Nar-Anon Family Groups

Organizational structure

Regional Service Committee (RSC) - Coordinate regional activities between meetings of the Regional Assembly

Regional Assembly (RA) - Gathering of Group Service Representatives to coordinate the regional activities

Regional Subcommittees

Finance Subcommittee - Committee to manage the regional finances and plan annual budgets

Guidelines Subcommittee - Temporary committee to update the Regional Guidelines

Literature Subcommittee - Work on regional literature projects and also liaise with the world service literature committee

Narathon Subcommittee - Coordinate planning for the annual fund raiser

Narateen Subcommittee - Coordinate planning for future Narateen meetings

Outreach Subcommittee - Coordinate regional involvement in conventions, workshops, panels, and public information

Website Subcommittee - Responsible for the regional public and service websites

Area Representation

Inland Empire - Area Service Representative

San Diego - Area Service Representative

Regional Officers

Chair - Preside over meetings of the RSC and RA

Vice Chair - Prepare to become the next chair

Secretary - Prepare minutes from the RSC and RA

Treasurer - Responsible for the regional funds

Regional Representation

Delegate - Represent the region in the World Service Conference

Alternate Delegate - Prepare to become the next Delegate and represent the region at the World Service Conference in the absence of the Delegate