Where are they now?

Since completing KVA, where have our graduates gone?

King's View Academy graduates have been accepted and attended colleges and universities in Halifax, in Nova Scotia, in Canada and around the world. There are varying levels of scholarships that have been offered to KVA graduates. Moreso, there are many success stories that chronicle student pathways through KVA and beyond.

In the interest of privacy, KVA does not post student names on its website. If you wantto ask specific questions such as, "has a KVA graduated been accepted to Dalhousie?" or "what is the largest scholarship awarded to a KVA graduate?" please address those questions to Dr. MacDonald at principal@mykva.ca.

King's View Academy was started in 2001 by M. Rina Otero who ran the school until 2017, at which time Dr. Derek MacDonald became the new Head Administrator and has been running the school since. Over these 19 years (as of May 2019) there have been approximately 500 graduates of KVA. 90% of KVA graduates have been accepted to post-secondary educational institutions. More importantly, 97% of KVA graduates who have applied to attend university have been accepted. Of those graduates accepted to a university, more than 40% were awarded a scholarship.