On-Line/Distance and Correspondence Education

King's View Academy's flexible scheduling, self-pacing and individual programming are ideal for the distance or on-line learner. In addition, our assessment model (based on evidence of mastery of the course outcomes) has plenty of flexibility to cater to a spectrum of learners and learning needs.

With Google Classroom we can communicate, share, assign, and assess anything academic and educative, from anywhere in the world. Specifically, Google supports our model through full email (gmail.com), online storage/cloud space (drive.google.com), on-line "classroom" space (classroom.google.com) and a multitude of apps designed for offices, industry, education, STEM and many other contexts.

Google Drive allows us to safely store all educational and administrative documents, making them available anytime and any place. In addition, we have full capabilities to share documents, educational material, assessments, report cards, etc with whoever we choose. Google Classroom for not-for-profits like KVA is unlimited in space.

Google Classroom is the jewel in the crown of support KVA receives from Google. Classroom is designed as a virtual classroom in which a teacher shares content, resources, assignments, plans and schedules with his or her student and co-teachers. It also has seamless access and sharing with Google Drive. KVA has taken this a step further and created "classrooms" for each of its students. In an individual student's Classroom all of that student's teachers, him or herself, and parents/guardians/agents are "teachers" in the classroom, giving everyone access to comment on other posts, view and download content, and post comments, questions, feedback, and resources. It is truly the student's learning team all wrapped up in a single, transparent, accessible and functional on-line Classroom. Teachers at KVA report every meeting and every assessment with every student through this student Classroom. Parents receive emails reporting every posting in this Classroom and can converse directly with the student and teacher, as if virtually in that meeting.

All current in-house students at KVA are automatically on-line, distance and correspondence students and are encouraged to use the full Google Suite of Educational tools to access resources, complete and pass in assignments, show their work, and communicate with fellow students and teachers whenever they choose. These students have the choice to learn and work wherever and however they choose, knowing that the most effective context for their learning is in the presence of their content experts (human resources). At times, due to other commitments, weather, sickness, etc students will choose to work from a location other than our facility.

Options for Earning the Nova Scotia High School Diploma at KVA:

For KVA to grant the Nova Scotia Department of Education High School Diploma, the student has to complete at least the 5 grade 12 courses (that universities require for admission) either at our facility or through our on-line/distance program. The rest of the high school courses can be completed at our facility, on-line/distance, correspondence, or transferred from another institution.

For clarification please contact Dr. MacDonald at principal@mykva.ca

As KVA has permission from the NS Dept of Ed to grant NS credits, these credits can be applied to graduation at other institutions. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the courses taken at KVA (and thus the credits given) will be accepted at the institution to which the credits are transferred.

On-Line/Distance Education

Google G Suite supports our on-line/distance education program. It is the same program that in-house students follow. On-Line students have full, daily access to all of KVA's resources (with the exception of all books, texts and print resources - many of which are available online through our system or the Internet) including content experts via email, scheduled meeting via Google Hangouts or Messenger. Teachers are required to address all questions from on-line students the day they arrive (unless they arrive late, in which case first thing the next day), just as they address in-house students asking them face-to-face questions. The on-line system is virtually the same as our in-house system.

The costs (tuition and fees per course and per full-time study) can be found on the Admissions and Costs page.