Small School: Social and Academic Implications

King's View Academy is a small school.

Our current enrollment is between 20 and 30. Our enrollment cap is 30.

According to Tenney School, with regard to small schools,

  • "students have greater opportunities to get to know one another personally and develop close-knit relationships"
  • there is way less "Less bullying, cliques, peer teasing"
  • "are less intimidating for shy students, thus, encouraging them to speak out more in the classroom. When shy students overcome their fear of speaking in front of others, it inspires them moving forward. "
  • teacher "has much more one-on-one time with the students and is able to truly develop a relationship. The low student-teacher ratio affords teachers the opportunity to get to know their students personally, as well as academically"

With our educational approach, each teacher should be able to spend at least 1 hour every week with each of 30 students. This is drastically more than the time big school teachers spend with each of their students one-on-one weekly.