King's View Academy

KVA continues to accept and enroll new students.

If you believe that KVA may be a viable option, or you want more information, please contact the principal, Dr. Derek MacDonald at or (902) 429-5434. In addition, much of what we do and believe about education and learning can be found on the various pages of this website - please review them at your leisure.

If you decide you would like to try KVA the first two steps are: meet with (or call) Dr. MacDonald to discuss the model and atmosphere and to pose your questions; and to spend some time at KVA to experience it first-hand.

Public School PD Days are a great time to come and check out KVA (by appointment only, please - contact Dr. Derek MacDonald at KVA does not follow these PD and Assessment Days, so we continue to be open for students.

HRCE PD and Assessment Days in the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Sept 27: PD Day
  • Oct 25: Provincial Conference Day
  • Nov 22: Assessment and Evaluation Day
  • Nov 28: PD Day, Parent-Teacher Interviews (by school/grade)
  • Jan 31: Assessment and Evaluation Day (High School)
  • March 25: Assessment and Evaluation Day
  • April 2: PD Day, Parent-Teacher Interviews (by school/grade)
  • April 23: PD Day, Parent-Teacher Interviews (by school/grade)
  • May 15: PD Day

King's View Academy is a private, not-for-profit, self-pacing, flexible scheduling, self-directed, resource-focused, content-expert-supported, university preparatory, grades 7-12 school in Halifax Nova Scotia that follows the Nova Scotia Learning Outcomes Framework.

We are located at 1649 Brunswick Street, suite 101, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. You can reach us at telephone (902) 429-5434 or fax (902) 429-5433 or email

We are a Google School and use Google Classroom, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs/Slides/Sheets/Sites and the G Suite daily. This summer we opened a Microsoft Office 365 account and are becoming familiar with it. This system functions much like Google Classroom and all of its components.

Our vision is an individual graduate who is prepared for success in post-secondary education and life. An individual who is an effective self-directed learner, competent and understanding expectations put on him or her, capable of creating effective long-term and short-term goals, able to monitor his or her own progress and ready to adjust as necessary to ensure success in reaching goals, and mature and responsible in his or her function as a learner.

We provide what most other schools provide - access to teachers and resources to help in learning and educational success. We also provide one-on-one time between teachers and students so that students can get answers to their own questions, direction and help in their own learning and academics, and feedback on their own achievement. In addition, we provide day school at our facility on Brunswick Street, as well as on-line/distance educational experiences and learning support through our Google Classroom school. Student may attend full-time or part-time in either (or both) of these contexts to meet their (changing) needs.

Our Curriculum and Programs: KVA offers the Nova Scotia Department of Education curriculum (Learning Outcomes Framework) and Advanced Placement® courses through College Board. We have started the application process to become an International Baccalaureate World School. We also have permission from the Nova Scotia Department of Education to award the Nova Scotia High School Diploma. Here is a letter (anonymized) from the Nova Scotia Department of Education attesting to this permission.

We have started the process to become an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School with both the Middle Years Program (MYP) for grades 7-10, and the Diploma Program (DP) for grades 10-12. As this is a comprehensive process, we will be pursuing the MYP first. Interesting fact passed on to us by the IB people: there are currently no schools in Nova Scotia (public or private) currently offering the MYP. There are 2 private schools and many public schools in Nova Scotia offering the DP.

Reduced Anxiety: As we are a small school, with emphasis on flexibility and self-pacing, we have created a low-anxiety academic context in which students have freedom to work on the academics they choose, use the resources they choose, and create their own academic progress, on their own terms. We have attempted to eliminate as many sources of anxiety from the education process as we can. We do not follow a set schedule (aside from advising students to meet with part-time teachers when they are on the premises) and we allow students to work at whatever desk, table or workstation at KVA that they prefer, for that particular learning activity. They can also work from home if they choose (the Google Classroom supports this very well).

Progress at KVA is based on the set goals of students (be they course completion, high school graduation, acceptance to a particular university and/or program, interest-based goals, or other). Direct teacher instruction is one option for students to learn course content, and as we recognize that students need to continue learning effectively after they have left school, our priority is to foster effective self-direction in all of our students. Textbooks, videos, websites, other text resources, other learners, and other sources are also available. In fact, we prefer that students develop skills in using all resources available to them so that when they find themselves, later in life, needing to learn something and there is no teacher available, they can still be effective learners. This is why we call ourselves a "university preparatory" school.

Tracking Progress: All students at KVA have their own Goo gle Classroom - a Classroom named for the student, with all of that student's teachers as well as parents/guardians/agents "enrolled" in the class. This Classroom serves as a reporting and tracking hub so that the learning support group of that student (parents, guardians, teachers, tutors, ...) can have 1 place to see each other's messages, track all work (in all subjects) by the student, and communicate continuously. Teachers report each meeting with a student as a posting in that student's Classroom, including resources, links, assignments, marked and graded work, and any discussion. As if the entire learning team for that student is present at every meeting.

Scholarships are Available

As KVA is designed consistent with those educational models that support Gifted and Talented Learners, we are happy to offer partial scholarships to certain students. The terms gifted-ness and talented-ness encapsulate an extensive range of qualities, abilities, knowledge and skills in learners. If you are interested in finding out more about our Scholarship opportunities, please inquire.

Our current staff of Content Experts includes Dr. Derek MacDonald as the Principal and Mathematics/Physics teacher; Ms. Katie Ingram as English teacher; Mr. David Smith as Social Studies/History/Geography teacher; Mr. Patrick Burgomaster as Art and Music Teacher; Dr. Sally Ibrahim as French teacher; Dr. Justin Tom as Chemistry teacher; Ms. Melanie Massey as Biology Teacher, Mr. Simon Smith as Physical Education/Entrepreneurship teacher, and Ms. Mary Bruer as our Drama teacher.

We are still located at 1649 Brunswick St. suite 101 but our space has been reorganized to support different types of activities concurrently: discussion and debate, presentation, individual student work, small and medium sized group work. No matter what is going on at King's View Academy, be it Yoga or Drama or Art class, there is always a place suitable for students to work independently or in groups.

If your goal is learning, not just curricular outcomes but learning to be organized, to set and work toward goals, and to learn effectively, then perhaps King's View Academy is the place for you.

If you are intrigued, please come by to take a look at the school and talk to us about our program.

If you are interested in becoming a Content Expert at KVA please send a note with your resume or CV outlining your credentials and experience to