15 Years

MQCC Pi-FI™ Trademark Standards

For your organization (Government, Non-Government (Commercial, Non-Commercial, Charitable), Inter-Government) to earn your Pi-Fi™ CERTIFIED logo, your organization must demonstrate and maintain the following:

MQCC Pi-Fi™ Standards Requirements

A simple "3 Step Process" to get your organization (Government, Non-Government (Commercial, Non-Commercial, Charitable), Inter-Government) certified to the MQCC Pi-Fi™ Standards.

Step 1


Implement the MQCC Organization Conformity Meta-Operating System (MOS™), overarching system of command, control and quality (CCQ™) environment designed to assure the effective, efficient and traceable benefits of MQCC Pi-Fi™ are achieved. The system conforms to the MQCC International Organization for Conformity (IOC™), International Commission on BlockChain Standards (ICBCS™), BlockChain Conformity Management Systems Standards (BCCMSS™) and includes a subordinate system for quality management, registered to United States (US), Canadian, European/United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) National Standards and equivalent International Standards of upto 118 countries.

Step 2


A letter on company letterhead signed by the:

  • Chief Executive Officer,
  • Chair of the Board (as applicable)
  • Largest Major Shareholder (if over 50% ownership)

confirming that your organization has implemented the MQCC Organization Conformity Meta-Operating System (MOS™) environment and that Top Management, as defined by ISO 9001:2015 wholly supports the implementation.

Step 3


A letter from your MQCC recognized Implementation Authority (IA™) verifying your MQCC Organization Conformity MOS™ is successfully:

  • implemented
  • functional
  • effective
  • passed a post-implementation, external audit

The letter from the IA™ must conform to MQCC IA™ Proof-of-Implementation standards, in effect at the time.

MQCC Pi-Fi™ Certification Statement

The MQCC Pi-Fi™ certification mark, as used or intended to be used by persons authorized by the certifier (the MQCC Pi-Fi™ Alliance) certifies or is intended to certify that the organization provides services and goods within an environment that conforms to MQCC Pi-Fi™ Standards of organization conformity and quality management as evidenced by successful implementation and proof-of-implementation submitted to the certifier by the organization's Top Management and a recognized Implementation Authority (IA™).

MQCC Pi-Fi™ Standards Website

The website for detailed information on the MQCC Pi-Fi™ Standards is www.mqcc.org. Built in collaboration with the International Organization for Conformity IOC™ (www.conformity.org).