Indigenous Hockey

Home to the MQCC® Indigenous Hockey League: IndigenHL™

Welcome to the online identity home of Indigenous Hockey and the MQCC® Indigenous Hockey League: INDIGENHL™

An initiative of MQCC®; Empowering Indigenous™ program to enable members of the global indigenous population to participate in and provide leadership in finance at a local, regional, national and international level.

 Regardless of gender identity or orientation, if you identify as an indigenous person and you enjoy hockey, at any level:

you are invited to apply as a member of MQCC® Indigenous Hockey League, the MQCC® INDIGENHL™; online and real-world identity and community for peer-to-peer communications in matters related to:

Email to get started today; or contact a a MQCC® INDIGENOUS ECONOMY™ MEMBER ORGANIZATION.

Hockey League Representatives, Hockey League Team Franchise Representatives, contact a MQCC® INDIGENOUS ECONOMY™ MEMBER ORGANIZATION to participate at an organization level.

MQCC®: Pioneer of the modern (state-of-the-science) INDIGENOUS ECONOMY™

Country: Canada

The Eagles Talon Group