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Michelangelo.pro is a Canada-based institutional and equity Peer-to-Peer (P2P) mortgage and loan process platform which facilitates business between mortgage borrowers, originators and mortgage investor-lenders; in an environment that is certified compliant to the National Quality Management Standard of 119 countries, namely, ISO 9001:2015; to ensure safeguards including statutory, regulatory and process compliance to requirements of the jurisdictions in which it operates. 

Michelangelo.pro helps match prospective mortgagors with suitable mortgagees, from within a network of bank, non-bank lenders. Network members include Federally Regulated Financial Institutions (FRFI), non-FRFI's, Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC's), Credit Union & Commercial Lenders, Accredited Class® Private Lenders and Angel Investors.

Michelangelo.pro's proven process platform is designed from the ground-up, on the principles of integrated quality management; also represented as the "Principles of 'BlockChain'". The system is continuously improved, audited twice per year by third-party auditors and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards.

Presently, Michelangelo.pro functions in select Canadian provincial jurisdictions only: Alberta, BC, Ontario; other jurisdictions in Canada and international are available on a case-by-case basis.

Michelangelo.pro: Origin of a Name


May access Michelangelo.pro by contacting any originator (mortgage brokerage) in Alberta, BC or Ontario (other jurisdictions on exception basis) and ask them to send their deal to MortgageQuote.ca for approval by Michelangelo.pro.




Originators (Mortgage Brokers) 

May access Michelangelo.pro by submitting deals to underwriting@mortgagequote.ca. For details on how Michelangelo.pro underwrites deals, email us and a Business Development Officer will get back to you shortly. Or visit: broker.mortgagequote.ca.




Investor-Lender Services 

Beyond "first call-first contact solutions", receive mortgage application originations to your front door within a statutory, regulatory and process compliant manner. To learn more, email us at underwriting@mortgagequote.ca in order to have a business development officer contact you. 

Private Equity Mortgage PEM® Investors 

may rely on Michelangelo.pro  as a source of mortgage loan investment opportunities. Visit: lender.mortgagequote.ca.     

Accredited Class® Private Lender Underwriting Standard (APLUSTM)

The core of the insitutional and equity mortgage process platform is our underwriting standard; click here to learn more.    


Michelangelo.pro is presently accessible in Canada through its national agent: MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (www.mortgagequote.ca); for borrowers, originators and lenders.

International Clients:

For more information, contact us via our international servicing operations: here.


What are Federally Regulated Financial Institutions? FRFI's these are organizations listed here.

What are Non-FRFI's? - These are organizations other than those listed here.


What are Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC)? - These are companies specifically designed to lend money by securing against real estate. Defined here.


What/who are Accredited Class® Private Lenders? - APL's are individuals and private (or public) companies who have surplus cash and are willing to invest their cash in the form of mortgages. Defined here.


What/who are Angel Investors? - These are individuals who are not APL's, but have the means and desire to lend money others, using real estate as security. Defined here.

Contact Us:

Contact us via our retail operations: here.