Growing up can be hard and learning how to deal with life experiences can sometimes get overwhelming.

There are so many changes and developments you will transition through to become a unique individual. This includes what kind of student you are, what activities you enjoy, the friends you choose to be around, what roads to education and work you want to explore and developing your sexual identity. It can be a very confusing time and it's important to know you are not alone.

Everyone goes through growing pains on the way to becoming the person they are meant to be.

Depression is common in about 25% of youth in Colorado. Girls are at a higher risk of depression than boys and the Hispanic population reports higher levels of depression.

Here are some signs of depression:

  • A sense of hopelessness or sadness
  • Loss of interest in activities that were once fun
  • Loss of appetite or overeating
  • Unable to do everyday things like shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Use/abuse of tobacco, alcohol or drugs
  • Failing grades in school

If you or a friend experiences any of these feelings every day for more than two weeks, it is important to talk to someone. If you hear someone talk about hurting themselves or you feel like you might hurt yourself, tell an adult or reach out to Crisis Text Line, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or Safe2Tell immediately. There is someone there to help you at all times.

Crisis Text Line

Text "CO" to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline