The ring (Nuva Ring) is a round plastic-like circle that contains both estrogen and progesterone, just like the pill. However, instead of taking a pill every day, the ring slides in the vagina and the hormones release slowly over the month. It stops the egg from being released. If the egg is not fertilized, pregnancy cannot happen. The ring stays in the vagina for 21 days and then is removed for one week. It is 98% effective. It does not prevent STIs.


  • Only have to think about it once a month
  • Easy to use
  • No exam is needed
  • Can make periods regular, lighter and less crampy
  • Can improve acne
  • Low dose of hormones so might have less side effects


  • Must think about birth control every month
  • It requires a prescription and can be expensive
  • The partner might feel it during sex
  • Other medications could make the ring less effective